Peter F.

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The statements in his work, the hidden inner world, is the most important part of the work of the artist, who was born 1958 in Rostock. The individual with all its longings and passions, anxietys and hopes in correlation with its social status. Thereby he leaps and merges the borders between abstractness and concreteness.

He already entered his artistic path in his early childhood - sketching a lot, beeing sold on e.g. Jean Auguste Ingres - the great french classicist. Since can remember he knew what he wanted to be: to become an artist, a painter. But as within many Artists Vitae, his life did not lead directly there. In the 1970th he learned upholsterer and worked in many different professions til his admission to the study of art in Leipzig.

His dedication to painting and his skills opened his way to the study of art at the "Leipziger Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst", where he finished his diploma 1990 under Prof. Bernhard Heisig. Since then the Heisig-disciple is working as a freelance painter, founding the "Galerie Peter F." one year later in the Kapellenstraße and becoming a board member of the "Bund Bildender Künstler Leipzig (BBKL)" (federation of visual arts, leipzig) and the Leipziger Kunstvereins „Kolonie Ost”.

Nowadays Peter Franke relocated his studio to Taucha near Leipzig. Occasional he works on commissions, and gives insights in the fascinating word of arts within lessons.

Most of the works that are exhibit on this webpage are for sale. For questions and comments please contact the artist.

Selbstportrat 1994

"The human being; a fantastic and lovable creature, driven by despair. An insane creator who produces unvarying naivety, longing, and sorrow. His face; a bewildered act of life itself, declares an ignorance of the tree of knowledge. The savage egoism - a pathetic aspiration for allocation and possession. A longing, without reason, for all possibilities. Does anyone understand? An intellectual question-and-answer game between "surely" and "nevertheless". Actually, it all doesn't really matter. A rapture of all colors, of all things in the portrait. An insistence on obligation, sincerity, attentiveness. It expands, the tension rises: loud, garish, without obligation. You human, you lovable creature…"
Peter F. (1991)


" Ha! Lovable! I don't know anything more inhuman than man itself. Nothing else in nature can so consciously and deliberately turns against itself. I can only find humans lovable when they sit down across from me in front of my easel. There, I simply can't help it."
Peter F. (2012)